DMU 60 eVo 5-Axis Machining Center

Flexible design for complex workpieces


B-Tech Engineering is proud to introduce it's newest 5 Axis Machining Centre; the DMG’s eVo Series, which is offered particularly for manufacturing complex workpieces, for example for aerospace and medical equipment markets, and we're one of the first firms in our sector to have these new 5 axis machines.

The eVo Series is a line of universal milling machines that promise productivity and flexibility.  A rising demand for machining complex parts was the impetus for the DMU 60 eVo and here at B-Tech we've already produced 1000's of complex jobs on ours.

Distinctive features of the new machine include a gantry design that maximizes its rigidity and precision machining capability; an improved swivel rotary table mechanism; a space-saving design; and an optional linear motor drive

At B-Tech we always enjoy the opportunity of welcoming visitors to the factory to introduce them to our team and let them see all our facilities so they feel comfortable that we are the right fit for their project.

Please call to arrange your site visit and meeting with our sales team. Tel 01344 300600


Highlights DMU 60 eVo / linear

  • Optimized Gantry design, high rigidity, good accessibility, low space requirement.
  • Dynamic NC swivel rotary table with high rapid traverse speeds, 60 rpm in the B and C-axis and 400 kg loading capacity.
  • 5-sided and up to 5-axes simultaneous machining.
  • Dynamic version with linear drives in the X and Y-axis for more power and precision.
  • High rapid traverse speeds of up to 80 m/min.
  • Powerful motor spindle with 20,000 rpm.
  • Tool magazine with 120 pockets and double gripper for fast and reliable tool change.
  • 3D drive technology with DMG Mori Siemens 840D CELOS

Speed, relability and cost effectiveness are our hallmarks.

Over £6m has been invested in the most up-to-date computer controlled equipment.