About B-Tech Engineering

Heritage & History


Our first milling project was delivered back in 1955 using very traditional processes and whilst our business has evolved our family roots are as strong today as they were over 50 years ago.


The business was started by Mr Turner Snr and each and every order was very much hand crafted. It was certainly not a quick process, but the company reputation was swiftly established thanks to the dedication and individual skills of the small team of engineers we had at the time.


As demand grew and the reputation of B-Tech developed the introduction of more staff became essential. We were always passionate about having the family within the business so Brian joined his Father in the business, swiftly followed by Jenny (Brian’s wife). Brian is now our Managing Director.


Most recently Brians and Jennys son Marc has joined the family business. All three are pivotal to the continued success of B-Tech and they all share the same passion of ensuring their client’s needs and expectations are continually exceeded.



Industry leading quality


Speed, reliability, and cost effectiveness have always been the hallmarks of our subcontract machining service, over £8m has been systematically invested in the most up-to-date computer controlled manufacturing equipment

Our Founder; Mr Turner Snr.


From heritage to State-of-the-art


Things have changed a bit since our formation in 1955, now programming on our new Mastercam cad system has greatly reduced our lead-time; all of these are controlled by our computerised Prodman Production control which enables us to give our customers a quality, on time and value for money service.

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Speed, relability and cost effectiveness are our hallmarks.

Over £8m has been invested in the most up-to-date computer controlled equipment.