Purchase Order Quality Assurance Terms & Conditions QF29


This order is to be processed in accordance with the requirements of AS9100 for the aerospace industry. As such the following requirements must be applied:

  1. A Certificate of Conformity is required, with full traceability back to the original manufacturer. Specific certification requirements are noted on the Purchase Order.
  2. Right of Access is required to all facilities and relevant records regarding this order, by B-Tech Engineering ltd, our customer or any relevant regulatory authorities. Records relevant to this order including records which relate to the traceability of the product must be retained indefinitely; and must not be destroyed except with the written permission of B-Tech Engineering Ltd.
  3. Should the product or service offered in any way differ from that specified on our order, our acceptance in writing must be obtained prior to commencement of work or supply.
  4. Any reported non-conformities with product or services from the same batch or lot must be reported in writing to B-Tech Engineering Ltd. 
  5. The supplier shall segregate all non conforming products and clearly identify as such prior to delivering to B-Tech Engineering Ltd.
  6. No order should be sub-contracted to other organisations, without B-TECH Engineering being notified in advance, and if authorised to continue the supplier must ensure that the requirements listed above are flowed down to the organisations. 
  7. Any change in your organisation name or approval status (i.e. loss of accreditation certificate) must be notified in writing to the quality department at B-Tech Engineering Ltd within 14 days.
  8. Suppliers are required to notify B-tech Engineering if there are any changes to the process.


Purchase Order Quality Assurance Terms & Conditions Issue Number 3


Issue Date: 6th October 2014

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