Services we offer



All of our milling processes are handled by our computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. This machining process, which is similar to drilling and cutting, uses a cylindrical cutting tool on a rotating cylindrical system. However unlike a drilling system, the milling process is able to move along multiple axes, creating a variety of shapes, slots and holes. Read more.



We have an extensive CNC turning centre allowing us to provide an array of turned components to the highest possible quality. Turning is a process for manufacturing cylindrical parts where we take a piece of pre-shaped material, secure it in place and then through rotating elements are cut away to create the desired end shape. Read more.

We also utilise CNC drilling for mass production. Our machines have multiple spindles in place, which change automatically with drills of varying diameters. This automatic process of being able to drill varying hole sizes means that that bits do not need to be continually removed and replaced, greatly improving production and manufacturing timescales. Read more.



Our CNC tapping centre is a numerically controlled machine tool, which allows us to machine parts for every eventuality. Tapping is a process that provides an additional element to milling and fine boring. This extremely precise process achieves high productivity, improved capabilities and greater reliability. Tapping creates the female portion for any mating pair. Read more.

Refurbishment Service


We also offer a refurbish service. Why buy new if something is scratched or slightly damaged. We can strip the component back to the bare metal and refurbish it back to as new.

Our MORI-SEIKI NH5000 DGG (2013)

Call B-Tech Engineering for Precision production, CNC milling, turning, drilling and tapping. Call us today on 01344 300600.

Our Tecnology


We provide CNC Turning, up to 3 inch diameter in bar and 10 inch diameter chucking, on our Mori Seiki and Leadwell turning centres. Our turning and milling is completed on our CMZ TC20YS.

CNC horizontal and vertical milling on single and twin pallet machines up to 1.628metre by .864metres is created on our VMX 42's, VMX 60T Hurco and 3 Mori Seiki NH5000 machining centres.

Mastercam CAD & Prodman Control


However, our high quality CNC machines are only part of the process. They are ably supported by our Mastercam CAD system where all work is pre-programmed and delivery lead-times are greatly reduced. Alongside this is our computerised Prodman Production control, which enables accurate scheduling and management for all of our works orders.

Quality Assurance


As a major sub-contract CNC machining company, supplying the Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Electronic and Motorsport industries we operate under strict quality management control to our BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Download our latest ISO 9001 quality certificate here.