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The Process


Our tapping process creates a ‘female’ surface on the inside of a hole, which acts like a nut. There are three main types of taps:

Plug tap or bottoming tap
A plug tap is used to cut threads into a partially threaded hole using a continuous cutting edge, which has almost no taper.  

Second Tap, intermediate tap or plug tap
Second taps are used on untapped holes and utilise their tapered cutting edges to aid with the alignment and the starting of a tap.

Taper tap
The cutting edges of this tap have a more pronounced taper ensuring a gradual cutting action thus making difficult material or very small taps easy to manage. 




Hand-tapping requires extreme accuracy and great skill in order to ensure that the alignment of the tap with the hole is coaxial. Once the first few threads are cut the angle cannot be corrected so it is vital that a skilled operator is used. 

Traditionally the task of tapping has been very difficult to execute. However with the right mix of machinery and skilled workforce these tasks can create a superior product.

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Key Features

  • Machine & hand tapping options
  • Hand tapping completed by skilled operators
  • Machine tapping for speed and efficiency

Speed, relability and cost effectiveness are our hallmarks.

Over £6m has been invested in the most up-to-date computer controlled equipment.