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The Process


Our turning solutions are created via a machining process, where a cutting tool works on a linear motion with the workpiece being rotated. The axes of the tool will typically be a straight line, however curves and angles can also be applied. Workable products are slowly rotated and a cutting tool will be traversed along its exterior. This can be completed along motions of 1, 2 or 3 axes, which produces accurate diameters and precise depths. 

Generally turning is completed on the outside of a component, cutting away excess material. A similar process can be applied where the inside of a component can be precisely removed, this is commonly known as boring. In essence both turning and boring are incredibly effective processes for creating precise engineered products.




Facing is frequently the first and last operation performed in the production of the workpiece. Essentially it involves moving the cutting tool to ensure that it is at right angles to the axis of rotation of the rotating product.


When deep grooves are required a parting process is applied. Basically a “cutoff” occurs where the component or part-complete component of a machined part is removed from its parent. 

Face grooving

Similar to parting, a grooving process is applied which results in cuts of a specific depth being made to a components. Grooving can be applied to both internal and external surfaces.

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Key Features

  • Precise and accurate machining
  • Exact adherence to key tolerances
  • Automated fabrication process
  • Create multiple workpiece’s in one process

Speed, relability and cost effectiveness are our hallmarks.

Over £6m has been invested in the most up-to-date computer controlled equipment.